Mike has long found inspiration and beauty in the nooks and crannies of ordinary life, painting the untold stories of people he’s encountered throughout the years.
These are people he encountered on the F train on a New York City subway, or even discovering someone in a small town obituary and where it all started, in a locked psychiatric unit in Boston where Mike was a mental health counselor.
As Mike painted these people from his past what began to interest him was how memory played such an important role. Especially the memories triggered by scent and sound.
Mike created an interactive installation that further explores and illustrates how the senses of vision, scent and sound can trigger specific memories of influential people from our past.
We are shaped and influenced by the people who surround us from day one, an old friend, a grade school teacher, even a singular conversation with a stranger at an event can be powerful, but human nature dictates that even the most influential people fade from memory through time.
Mike places his portraits on wood in an enclosed plexiglass container filled with seawater that dissolves the portraits into pulp over several months. Attached to the plexiglass container is an iPod filled with snippets of recorded conversation and music representative of the subject.
Also attached to the container is a box filled with a scent from the subject’s life, such as musty books, tobacco, cologne or a specific brand of gum.
As in real life our visual memories of even the most important people fade, Mike's portraits also disappear, leaving only the scents and sounds which serve as powerful memory triggers to remind us of that person’s existence and influence.
When we come across those scents and sounds in the real world we are gently shocked into a memory and reminisce and appreciate that person. There’s importance in never forgetting.
2021 Group Show, San Francisco Art Fair
2021 Group Show, BG Art Gallery
2020 Group Show MVVO Art Show New York City,
2020 Group Show San Francisco San Francisco Art Fair
2019 Group Show New York City, Digital MVVO Art Show
2019 Group Show, Los Angeles Art Show at LA Convention Center
2019 Accepted, RAW Art Show, San Francisco
2018 Group Show, Sotheby's NYC MVVO Art Show
2018 Accepted, stARTup Art Fair San Francisco, CA
2018 Group Show, BG Art Gallery, Oval,
2017 Accepted,  Saatchi The Other Art Fair, Brooklyn
2017 Solo Show, Wine Kitchen Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2016 Solo Show, First Person Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2015 Solo Show, Small Stories, Elsewhere Gallery, Fairfax, CA 
2015 Group Show Art Works Downtown, San Rafael, CA
Solo Show, Spring Street Studios, New York, NY
Group Show, Dutfield Gallery, New York, NY
Group Show The Copley Society, Boston, MA
Publication, Studio Visit Magazine, Volume 18 .
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