Mike grew up in Boston and attended Boston University graduating with a degree in psychology. Although Mike won an award for his art at 12 years old he really began to shape his style while studying with portrait artist Robert Cormier at Boston’s, Fenway Studios. Cormier taught in the spirt and style of the 19th century Ecolé Des Beaux Arts where Mike truly learned how to draw, paint and compose. Moving to Manhattan, Mike began developing his own personal approach to painting in a West Village art community while also continuing his studies at the School of Visual Arts and in private sessions.
While a mental health counselor at a locked psychiatric facility in Boston, Mike observed the difficult, yet fascinating stories of his patients and quickly understood that these people had faded from the world and their personal stories went untold. Remembering each and every one of those patients, Mike began documenting his series of psychological portraits, oil on wood, titled "Small Stories".
O’HANLON CENTER FOR THE ARTS 2023  Installation. John Trudell - Mill Valley, CA
WINE KITCHEN GALLERY 2017   Small Stories - San Francisco, CA
FIRST PERSON GALLERY 2016   New Perspective - San Francisco, CA
ELSEWHERE GALLERY 2015  Sentiment Of Memory - Fairfax, CA 
SPRING STREET GALLERY 2014   Small Stories - New York, NY
ART WORKS DOWNTOWN GALLERY 2014  Small Stories - San Rafael, CA
O’HANLON CENTER FOR THE ARTS 2024. Members Show - Mill Valley, CA
RYAN JAMES GALLERY 2023 Visual Impressions Seattle, WA
BG GALLERY 2023. Monochrome - Los Angeles, CA
O’HANLON CENTER FOR THE ARTS 2023. A New Perspective - Mill Valley, CA
O’HANLON CENTER FOR THE ARTS 2022. Painting With Pixels - Mill Valley, CA
BG GALLERY 2022  Art Fair, Fort Mason Art Center - San Francisco, CA
O’HANLON CENTER FOR THE ARTS 2022 Monochrome - Mill Valley, CA
BG GALLERY 2021. Art Fair - Los Angeles, CA
MVVO GALLERY 2020. The Oculus - New York City
MVVO GALLERY 2019. The Oculus - New York City,
BG GALLERY 2019  Art Fair - LA Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA
MVVO GALLERY 2018 Sotheby’s - New York City, NY
BG GALLERY 2018. Oval - Los Angeles, CA
ART WORKS DOWNTOWN GALLERY 2017. Small Works - San Rafael, CA
ART WORKS DOWNTOWN GALLERY 2016.  Still Life - San Rafael, CA
DUTFIELD GALLERY 2014.  Portraits - New York, NY
THE COPLEY SOCIETY GALLERY 2012.  The Magic Of Oil - Boston, MA
VOLUME 18 2012 ,Studio Visit Magazine
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