I have long found inspiration and beauty in the nooks and crannies of ordinary life, painting the untold stories of unknown people I’ve encountered throughout the years. From fleeting observations on the F train to patients in a locked psychiatric unit where I was a mental health counselor. What interests me is how memory plays such an important role in these encounters. How easily memories of influential people so easily fade. We are shaped and influenced by the people who surround us from day one, an old friend, a grade school teacher, even a singular conversation with a stranger can be powerful, but human nature dictates that even the most influential people fade from memory through time. I paint with oil bars on found wood panels using my fingers to work the paint into the textured wood.

The Hardscrabble Life At The Intersection Of Clinton & Delancey.  Oil on Found Wood 48” X 48”

Man On The M5 Bus On His Way To Nowhere In Particular. Oil on Found Wood. 48” X 48”

The Perpetual Self Destruction Of Ms. Patience Brown. Oil on Found Wood. 24” X 24”

The Unappointed Mayor Of Carmine Street Holds Court. Oil on Found Wood. 24” X 24”

The Loyalist Who Was Never Late For 37 Years. Oil on Found Wood. 24” X 46”

He Attempted To Escape Thru The Back Door, But The Handle Was Trained In Evasive Self Defense Maneuvers. 22” X 42” Oil on Redwood

The Writer Waiting For Inspiration While Eating Creamy Eggs At Shopsins. Oil on Found Wood. 24” X 48”

Russian Nuclear Scientist. Oil On Found Wood. 24" X 48"

Porn Star. His One Gift His Eventual Demise. Oil on Found Wood. 24” X 24”

He Waited Patiently In The Dimly Lit Room For 702 Hours. Oil on Found Wood. 24” X 24”

Dorothy. Oil On Found Wood. 48" X 48"

They Replaced The Universe With Fun House Mirrors. Oil on Found Wood. 24” X 24”

Eventually, They Never Came and Got Her. Oil on Found Wood. 48” X 48

2 Cokes & A Veal Piccata. Oil on Wood. 24" X 24"

A Well Known Master Of Ceremonies Specializing In Illusions. Oil on Found Wood. 18” X 28”

The Americans Oil on Wood. 24" X 46"

Watching The World Go By From A Small French Village. Oil on Found Wood. 48” X 48”

Nurse Sitting Quietly In The Corner. Oil on Found Wood. 48” X 48”

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